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There are many factors in maintaining your lawn.  Although we experience many different situations, we listed some of the most common things you may experience:

Bluish Gray Areas Appearing in the Lawn: These spots occur when they are not getting as much water as the adjacent areas.  Use a garden hose to water until you can adjust your sprinkler system for better water coverage.

Brown spots: These can be caused by pets, dry spots, areas that are not rooting, or possibly a fungus. About 95% of the time, when you see a brown spot it is due to lack of water. Check by pushing a screw driver into the ground where the sod is green and then into the brown spot. If it is harder to push into the brown spot, you will know it is simply dry.

Chinch Bugs and Grubs: Chinch bugs kill grass by attacking the root system and eating the plant juices.  If you have dead areas in the summer this will usually indicate chinch bugs.  You can use Dursban Granules to get rid of chinch bugs and grubs.  Consult with a lawn care professional.

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